Friday, June 1, 2012

:South Carolina Bound:

   Ok so you know how my last post said "We are back and back for good!"? Well..... I lied. We moved.. again.... But before I start blogging about our new home there are a few things I want to catch up on.

1 Year Anniversary!!!!
   Wahoo we made it ;)! Who knew a year could go by so fast! Its crazy all the things we have done, the places we have lived, and the things we have been through and it was all in that 1 year. But we are still just as in love as ever! We have adjusted our lives to fit around each other's and now have certain pet peeves that we don't like about each other haha. But more importantly we have many more reasons why we love each other then we did in the beginning. It's so wonderful knowing that every morning I get to wake up and see his face for the rest of our lives. Hopefully it stays as cute as it is now ;). He makes me laugh every single day and i'm so grateful because without him my life would be so boring. It still surprises me the funny things that comes out of that mouth of his. He makes me feel so loved and that he is also happy that i'm the one he chose to be with forever. I love our Journey so far together and I cant wait for all the many years ahead and what they have in store for us. For our Anniversary we went Tucanos for dinner and to the Jazz/Golden State basketball game and we stayed the night at the cutest little Bed and Breakfast called Inn on the Hill. I Loved it!!! I highly suggest to everyone to go spend a night there! I want to go stay there again every year.

The Beginning of Our Lives Together

Happy Birthday to ME!
   I turned 24 on March 24th. It was my Golden Birthday Year wahoo! I always thought when I was younger that when it was my golden birthday I was going to be soooo old and that it was never going to come... but it did... and now I am old. But it was a good relaxing birthday. I celebrated it out at my grandma's house in Vernal. That was the first time I have spent my birthday there and it was so wonderful I think i'll do it again. They spoiled me rotten with 2 birthday cakes and good gifts. We rode four wheelers, fished, played in the Reservoir, got in the hot tub, and just enjoyed the company of my family. 

Mavericks Game!
   Jay recently signed to go out and sale for the summer with Vivint and them being the wonderful company that they are took us to the Mavericks/Jazz game! We were on the court in the 2nd row!!! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life! It was so much fun and I couldn't believe that we were that close to the players! My husband is the biggest Mavericks fan you could know and he Loves Dirk Nowitzki so he was just in heaven. He didn't talk to me the entire game lol. Thanks Vivint!!! 

Our Big Move
   So I thought we were done with the whole moving thing but plans change and we never know whats next. Jay signed to sale security systems with Vivint because we felt like it was the right decision for us. So we packed up our truck and dogs and headed across the country to South Carolina!!! Let me tell ya being in the car for 3 days is Not Fun!!!! But its been worth it. Its absolutely beautiful here! We are in Columbia for now, and the first of July we will be moving to Charleston which will be only a few min from the beach! I cant wait!! Jay has been doing really well selling and I have been relaxing pretty much. I get to play with my dogs everyday, I hangout with the many wives that are out here, I lay by the pool, we go to the Zoo, play at the river, fish, and cook many meals. It has been wonderful but I miss my family and friends so much back at home. Im sad this summer I wont be able to fly back home but its only a few more months. Here are just a few pictures of the start of the summer.
We got to feed the Giraffes it was so cool
I take the dogs to a field and they chase each other around for hours its really entertaining


  1. Haha oh my goodness Winnie's face when she runs is hilarious! Feeding giraffes sounds like lots of fun. Looks like you are having a good time! We need to facetime soon!

  2. Congrats on your first year! And you're golden birthday!
    You guys lead an exciting life! JEALOUS! :)